Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More Funnies

It's been a long day here at the Sheng house! With the van in the shop, gymnastics, and odd meeting at the mall for T (corporate meetings at Dave and Busters??) and the prospect of having to purchase a new vehicle, I'm whooped! Now it looks like we might not go to Connecticut this weekend, which instantly puts me in a mopey mood.

I was putting Em to bed and we were talking about the van. She is quite sad that we getting rid of it and quite nervous we might leave some of her prized possessions (that she is constantly littering the van with!) in it! She is so unhappy about not having a van anymore - they aren't even on our radar for this car purchase - her pooped little brain is functioning like mush. She finally sighed, laid her little head on her pillow and said, "All I want is an IPOD vigidel!" I, of course, cracked up. Then she said to me, "What is an IPOD vigidel anyway?" I said, "It doesn't exist!" And we both cracked up.... what a long day!

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