Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I've seen all day this headline about birth control pills being made available in a Maine middle school, and tonight it appears to have passed BY A 5-2 MARGIN! What??? I'm just completely flabberghasted. The obvious reasons - this is not a decision that should be made by a 6th - 8th grader without their parent's knowledge, that it appears to be condoning sex for very young children, that it puts schools in a very powerful position in the family - something I'm growing to dislike immensely and finally - this coming from my own personal experience with birth control pills - they are very dangerous, I'd think especially for very young girls. I had a horrific experience with them under the care of medical professionals, I can't imagine young girls being given birth control and not being monitored by their regular physicians for possible side effects, among them high blood pressure, blood clots, stroke... This is really just a travesty. Very unwise, very disconcerting. Shame on you, Maine middle school!


jaydensjourney said...

I was just a little stunned myself when I saw that on the news this morning. Loved the potty training story...that was awesome! He's doing great at daycare, I'm just hoping to be done around Christmas.

Kathryn said...

It's just mind boggling to think about 10 year olds on birth control.

Then, there's the issue of schools taking parents out of the equation. These are such young kids! I don't think it's for the school to by-pass parents concerning pre-teens!

I'm really surprised this went through.

doubleknot said...

Children on birth control - which brings up the question why do they need it. I agree with you the school shouldn't be the one to hand out birth contol much less with out a doctor's follow up.
Some times I forget there is a world out there until something like this comes up and I wonder were I have been and what will happen next.