Sunday, October 28, 2007

Catch Up

I'm just catching up again... on everything! I had a very interesting weekend - still processing, as always. We started our beach weekend driving all night in rush hour in the rain. Four women who mostly know each other but not really - an eclectic group. I was the only non-morning person so I didn't get nearly enough sleep. I drove and only one person offered to help pay for gas. When we finally stopped for dinner after the Bay Bridge (took us 2 hours to get over it! - normally a 30 minute trip), one person on our trip who I know fairly well admitted at dinner that she was opposed to her daughter dating a person of a different race because of cultural differences. Where did that leave me? Hmmm.... very interesting weekend.

Now I'm home, and yes, indeed, after three weeks of waiting to hear from our out-of-town visitor that my husband offered to put up via email, T FINALLY called the guy Saturday and he is indeed arriving tomorrow evening. His email hasn't been working (I'd suggested this a week ago, but T still wouldn't call!). I would love to say that I'm a very hospitable person, but the truth is that it's not my gift. I'm completely stressed. My house is a mess, as usual, and the three members who stayed here believe they cleaned it - despite the fact that a two week old game of monopoly is still spread out all over the living room floor, all the towels in the clean bathroom are filthy, there are still girl scout cookies strewn all over the hearth, undelievered, our family room alcove is in shambles, there isn't a cleared spot on the dining room table, the mud room might as well be under mud, the laundry that I left because someone said it would be done is not even touched..... the list is longer, but I'll stop right there before the tears start flowing.

I'd love to go to my group power class tomorrow, seeing as lately it's the only class I ever make it to, but I have to clean, grocery shop, get a room ready for someone I don't even know and figure out what to make this person I don't know dinner tomorrow - of course, we have no details at all. I'm not even sure he's coming for dinner! I've spent a chunk of time cleaning up Em's bedroom - AGAIN!!!!! It's perpetually in a state of complete and utter chaos - and her teacher doesn't believe me that she's ADHD. She should have to live with her - one day should do it!

On the bright side, T made steak for dinner and that was nice. The kitchen looks semi-clean, which is good because sometimes when I leave for a weekend that's not the case! I have avoided Kt's room so I have nothing to report or complain about!! My car was lots of fun to drive, even if no one could agree EVER where to stop to eat - we brought along our resident food snob. I'm feeling much better after getting sick from eating at that seafood restaurant after hearing about how wrong it is to marry outside of your race on our trip to the beach and having to stop at a gas station that had - in the pitch black dark in pouring down rain - only a port-a-john for me to use. I have a little less than 24 hours to get my whole house in tip top shape. Wish me luck!


Kathryn said...

Oh, had better take a very deep breath. If it makes you feel any better, I'm always stressed out when I'm hosting, too.

I've had to tell myself sometimes, there's not enough time to clean up everything. Pick the biggest eyesores. Guess I'm not going to win any housekeeping points.

And believe me, telling myself that is NOT easy! But, it works better than the alternative...which is me trying to do the impossible cleaning task, still not accomplishing it, and being burnt out by the time company arrives.

Consider going to your class tomorrow...but do whatever will make you feel most peaceful. Good luck!

Kathryn said...

OH, and as for the racial comment...(major eyeroll)

I try to remind myself that these things come from ignorance. She's not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

deanna said...

Haha... you're right, and I think I'm going to my class... because the rest of this week is shaping up to be a doosie - with Halloween, parties and all! There is not a possibility that I'll be able to clean - just not happening. I do have to fit in a trip to the grocery store, though!

As for the race thing, just digging themselves into holes, I tell you! My friend (who is making me go to class tomorrow!) said, "I wouldn't want MY 14 year old daughter dating anyone - red, yellow, black or white!" which totally made me laugh myself silly. It's really a reminder to us all to think before we speak... Not a lot of that going on this past weekend (even from me, unfortunately!). Women... (LOL)