Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Of late, this is an "issue" with my new job. I didn't realize when I agreed to do this it would become the topic it has. In the end, I'm fine with what I'm getting paid, but put in the perspective of my direct "boss", who has the most at stake with what I'm paid, it's sort of laughable. The problem here is really who would agree to do my same job for my same pay? She has pointed out that I'm being paid 45 cents less an hour than they are currently paying furniture movers. I totally laughed out loud when she told me that. Now, I'm not in any way saying I'm qualified to move furniture - hardly so! I just think it's funny that she noticed that. In the end, what I'm getting paid in money is hardly equal to what I'm earning in training and experience. But it's nice to have a boss who thinks you're worth fighting for!

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