Wednesday, September 03, 2008


FINALLY! Our county is going to provide recycling carts. We have been the worst recyclers. When we first moved in, we noticed that most of our neighbors had a recycling bin. Except us. The former owners of this house didn't have one or didn't leave one. (We've since noticed one of our neighbors has two... fishy!) Anyway, we called the county about this and they told us to get one ourselves. Translated: Recycling is just not a priority around here! We have done a meager job recycling - collecting what we can in plastic bags and leaving it all out, but we've been quite lazy about it. It appears as though the county is rethinking the recycling effort. We should have our new cart soon, and you bet your bottom dollar we'll be putting our address on it! ;-)

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Linda said...

yay!! I think my city I live in does a good job, but I think they could do better. I know that there are tons of things that get tossed in the garbage and I cringe EVERY time..wishing that they'd recycle more