Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Open House"

That's kind of a funny name for what amounts to a ~yawn~ night out with your child's teacher.... and 200 other parents! This is our first year the girls have different open house nights, so tonight was my turn. Second grade. It was the same mix of surprising, disturbing and terribly boring information!! I guess some of the boring was the PTA business, the long and monotone explanation of the idiotic spelling "curriculum" and the half of the parents who clearly wanted to be elsewhere, as demonstrated by their inability to stop staring blankly at their blackberries! The good news? Em seems to be doing quite well. Hopefully that lasts until the interim reports! The bad news? The classes have 25 or more students each in them, which qualifies us for another teacher... but it doesn't appear the county will allot one to us. Lame.

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