Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Absentee Ballot

I'm applying for one of these. We are hoping to go away for a few days and I don't want to be rushing home to vote. But also... during the last presidential election I was really offended by the voting site stalkers. You know what I'm talking about... I took my then 3 year old daughter with me to vote and there were many people handing out pamphlets and flyers for their candidates. Some of them were cordial, and I appreciated that. Others, however, were bipolar. One seemingly warm, nice woman, when I didn't take her pro-choice pamphlet (in fact, I didn't take ANY because I didn't want them!) started yelling at me, in front of my three year old, that I should be ashamed of being a woman who would stifle the rights of other women. Now... she had no way of knowing I was that woman. I wasn't taking anyone's propaganda. I did have a child in tow, but there are plenty of pro-choice women who have children. I just couldn't figure out what prompted her really embarrassing, really rude outburst towards me. I'm not interested in living through that again, so I'd just as soon vote at home! =)

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