Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I recently had a very short (and not very agreeable) discussion with a friend about abortion - pro-choice vs. pro-life. It's not a discussion I like to have, but I was asked what issues are most important to me in choosing who I vote for. Abortion and stem-cell research are likely my two top issues because I see both of those issues as protecting the unborn or those who cannot help themselves. Poverty is emerging for me as falling into that same category.

I was challenged on my belief, based on things I have read, that the abortion rate is indeed falling, even though Democrats and pro-choice folks have claimed otherwise. Obama stated in his interview with Rick Warren that under 8 years of a pro-life president, abortion rates have not fallen. I beg to differ. In this article, by Time, clearly the opposite is true. The problem is that nobody wants to give any credit to a pro-life president or faith-based initiatives, so there is a huge argument as to what could possibly be attributing to the fall in the rate. Abortion is legal in this country, so I'm doubting there are many "unreported" abortions. It is EXTREMELY possible that more women have open access to the "morning-after pill", therefore making abortions in a medical facility unnecessary. However, rates were falling before that pill was available.

I honestly don't know why they are falling, but my friend was not so happy with my insistence that they were. She whole-heartedly disagreed with me on that, even though my following up on my belief leads me to my same conclusion - the rates are falling. And aren't we glad about that?

We disagreed on the stem-cell issue as well.... and I followed up on that because I'm a Type-A perfectionist who can't stand to be wrong. And I wasn't wrong, but I'm not going to go there with that one. I've learned with both of these issues it's just emotional, very personal and sometimes we just have to agree to disagree. Most of the time these issues aren't worth losing a friend over. In fact, if I believe what I'm saying and the sanctity of life is of utmost importance to me, then I need to care about all life... friends, family, neighbors, strangers, everybody. If I can't do that first, I shouldn't be arguing about issues.

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Kathryn said...

I have read that the stem cell debate will soon be a moot point. Soon, scientists will have the ability to grow similar cells, so no need for stem cells. I'm glad about that.

Abortion is a tough issue. My stance on it is mixed. I am against it as a form of birth control, however I am technically pro-choice because I do believe in the morning after pill in cases of rape or incest.

I am completely horrified, however, that abortions are performed as far along as a pre-term baby. Not only doesn't it make sense to me morally, it is heartbreaking.