Thursday, September 11, 2008


For once in my life, I can honestly say I'm pro-choice. I'm having old facebook envy tonight! When I signed on this morning, my old facebook format had been deceptively slipped out from underneath my feet and I'm left wading through a very disorganized mishmash of a "new" face on facebook. The links don't work, my wall has been meshed with lots of other junk, I can't find anything I need. It's a mess. I hate it!!

T just signed onto his tonight and it's the old format!! I am ever so envious of him because he gets at least another day or two of old times while I'm stuck drowning in the new discombobulated one. I'm actually just going to stay signed into his account for the evening so I can dream of times past. Why don't we have a choice in this facebook matter??? I want to be heard.

Sorry for those of you out there who are living in yesteryear and have not bothered to ever check out the old facebook - you'll never know how good it was. =(

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Kathryn said...

Hopefully, enough people will complain & they'll give the option of using the old one. I've still got the old version working so far.