Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I figure the end of September is as good a time as any to post a short update on our hiatus from student ministry. We have enjoyed our break, but with the start of school we have quickly filled up the void. T still seems to manage to have 2-3 lunch meetings a week, sometimes a meeting or two in the evening and is reading quite a bit. We have spent numerous hours in conversation about all the changes and philosophies about church, mission, culture, students.... yeah... we don't really know how to take a break, do we?

T is busy getting ready for his training in a couple weeks. I think we are both excited for him to have this opportunity and also to see where it leads. We have a lot we are thinking about, many things we are working through and people who have lots of interesting questions. Sometimes we just don't have the answers! We're working on that.

The girls don't seem to notice much of a difference, other than the fact that we've given ourselves some time to discover some cool churches in our area and beyond. It has been fun for us and a good experience for the girls. I would love to visit some of the CAI churches we've heard about in Europe, but at this point in time the cost is prohibitive! I think as a family we are itching to be let loose in some fashion, we just haven't figured out exactly how.

I am enjoying my new very part time job. It's fun to be teaching again, to have students and to be going somewhere in the morning. It's also nice that I have four day weekends! =) I did not offer to be a room mom and have not been contacted about being one, either. Yahoo! I did, however, sign on to coordinate a parent tutoring program with 1st and 2nd grade at the girls' school. It sort of goes along with what I'm doing for work now, so a good compliment. We'll see how crazy that gets.

I see a lot of things changing yet I don't feel like much is different. I spent a few days in Connecticut last week, and that was nice, relaxing and restful. I'd like to do more of that this year!

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