Wednesday, September 03, 2008


On Labor Day, we took a back road that we don't normally travel. As we drove by a tiny little church, Kt let out a belly laugh. Of course, we all wanted to know what was so funny. She responded, between giggles, "That sign said 'Holy Spirit, Come!'" T said to her, "Why do you think that is funny?" I think we were both a little perplexed. But she said, "Well, don't you think it's funny they are asking him to come? He's already HERE! He can be everywhere all the time!" Uh, duh, mom and dad! We sort of shrunk in our seats while she continued laughing, not really realizing how silly we felt.

Today I was reminded of that as I was listening to WGTS, the local Christian radio show. The DJ was interviewing a member of the group Sonic Flood, who was preparing to lead worship at a prayer breakfast. The band member mentioned that one of their songs, God Is Here, is a great example to them that He doesn't need an invitation into things we often invite Him to, like politics or our lives. Interesting thought....

God is Here

In Your presence there is fullness of life
Healing flowing for body soul and mind
God of the impossible, God of miracles is here

God is here let the broken-hearted rejoice
God is here let the sick say I am well
God is here let the weak say I am strong
God is here

In Your presence there is perfect peace
And in stillness I behold Your deity
God of wonders, God of power is here

His wonders to perform

Oh His wonders yes His wonders
His wonders to perform
Oh His wonders yes His wonders
His wonders to perform
So, now every time I sing a song to invite God, His Son or the Holy Spirit, I'm probably going to laugh!

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