Thursday, February 28, 2008


I'm surprised it's been so long since I've written on here. Being an ISTJ, I've written many a blogpost in my mind, just haven't gotten around to actually typing it in here. Sometimes for me, when it's done in my brain it's done.... sorry!

Here's what I've got cooking:

1) 24+? members on our Hungary team, traveling to Vienna, Austria, on to Sopron, Hungary to run a program for European church planters' children while they attend a conference, meeting up with the Cameroon team of 15+? in Paris. Last night I spent a good deal of time hunting down Youth Hostels for our large group. Honestly, the prospect of staying in one with my children give me the willies.... but the Holiday Inn T's Cameroon team stayed in 2 years ago at the airport - they were awesome! - can't accommodate that many. I understand, but it still makes me sad. T won't let me call Disneyland Paris... I wonder why? hehe

2) T's and my anniversary (15 years!) is July 30. We'll be somewhere in Hungary for that, taking care of about 50 kids. So.... we are doing something we've never done before. Hard to believe! but my mom has graciously agreed to spend the beginning of her spring break with our girls so we can escape to Florida, namely Miami, hopefully Key West.

3) Trying to get back into a workout routine, but I'm just not a cold weather person. It's been a real challenge for me. I'm not a very disciplined person to begin with, unless I have built in something. I haven't done that here, but it needs to be done!! This week, Aspercream and Advil have been my two best friends! =)

4) Summer camp.... why do we have to sign up so early?

5) Wedding.... our premarital counseling guinea pigs are getting married this weekend, and with last weekends bad weather and everything from last Friday being pushed back, organizing that has been crazy. Now all we need is to throw in something like the stomach flu, which is making a comeback all over the girls' school. YUCK!

I promise a much more entertaining next entry... just thought maybe I had some 'splainin' to do!

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