Thursday, February 14, 2008

Maryland School Suspensions Up

This article mentions a rise in Maryland state school suspensions. I'm not surprised, as we now institute the "zero tolerance" policy in schools. I have to say I'm quite surprised that NOT ONCE in this piece does it mention that parents need to get involved or support the schools. No, instead the responsibility is falling on the schools and teachers to find alternate ways to change student behavior.

Personally, I believe if parents supported these decisions at home we'd see fewer behavioral problems at school. Instead, when kids are suspended the parents complain. I'm sorry, but if my child actually does some that warrants a suspension, you better believe they will be changing their behavior at school and it's going to start at home! By the way, having children who so far seem unlikely to be suspended, I'd prefer they are learning at school and the students who are not there to learn and are an interruption - I'm happy to have them suspended!! More valuable instructional time for my kids that they miss each day because of those who don't deem it important or necessary to obey.

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