Thursday, February 07, 2008


Here's the way it typically goes down around here when we make "plans" to do something and dad's away at some Christian conference.....

Going to Connecticut - have planned this months in advance....

1. My mom's contractor called last Friday - he put a new ceiling in her bedroom on Monday/Tuesday....

2. They are calling for snow "showers" this weekend - around here, that could translate into a full-blown blizzard by that time!

3. The dog is sick.... so not calling a dog-walker to clean my house!

4. My sitter for the girls today... her daughter had a fever, and they went anyway, and of course, I couldn't leave work early!

5. My mom emailed this morning - she has a cold now, and my brother and his wife spent at least last night at her house (3 small bedrooms) because the hot water heater in their apartment died. The landlord apparently said to my sister-in-law (in Connecticut!), "Well, you have cold water!" Yup, uh-huh... have you checked the temperatures up there lately? I have.... daily for over a week! I'm not taking any cold showers up there!

6. Still no word on whether or not the landlord decided to fix that hot water heater!

7. It's almost midnight and I'm still not packed. Partly my own problem, but I've been drying the same load of laundry for 2 hours and my dryer doesn't seem to be drying anything.... and that's where all the clothes are for the trip.

Kt's friend is here, and despite all of the above we will be leaving in the am to culminate her last birthday wish, which was for one of her best friends to visit her second home. Sometimes it starts with a grain of sand, layers of irritation are added and you end up with a beautiful pearl. At least that's what we're hoping for here!!

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Kathryn said...

Good golly! I read your blog and have no idea how you keep yourself together! You often seem to be in 100 directions at once.

You handle it very well, D. :-)