Thursday, February 21, 2008

Morning Madness

Our morning started out just fine. T made eggs for everyone, I made lunches, the girls were up and ready early, backpacks ready to go. At 3 minutes to 9, Em says to me, "My parent tooth and my baby tooth are still in my mouth." She has been mentioning this "parent" (or adult) tooth for a couple days, so I asked to see it. Sure enough, it was coming in way behind that baby tooth. I told her we'd have to get that baby tooth out soon and she asked how. I said, "Just keep wiggling it until it's loose enough. If we don't get it out, the dentist will have to."

I'm not sure if she took "soon" extremely literally or if the word dentist scared her, but she went and pulled the tooth out right in front of me! Blood everywhere, crazy look on her face, running to the bathroom, lots of paper towels.... it was quite a scene! Almost prime time TV quality in my opinion! Em now has a gaping red hole where that little tooth was. I sent her off to school (I cannot believe we actually made it to the bus stop!) with a paper towel. Clean - the others are all in the garbage, in the aftermath of our morning madness. For all the whining she does, that child sure does have a high tolerance for pain! The only thing she said was, "I'm totally shaking!"

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Kathryn said...

OMG...totally gross. I don't handle those type of things well.

Em sure is daring!