Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Birthday Wishes

If I could choose anything at all for my birthday, it would likely be to go on a Disney Cruise. Especially in February!! Of course, at this point, in the middle of an ice storm, I'd be happy with being anywhere warm. I loathe cold weather - snow and ice just make that loathing more pronounced! So, I just spent a little time vicariously going on a cruise while reading that lovely CNN travel article about them. Just because I'm a dreamer, I also have the Disney Cruiseline Planning DVD, so I've already chosen my cabin.=)

Too bad my husband won't step foot on a cruise ship.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you wouldn't want him a cruse ship the way he is with traveling. We made sure he had a lot of bags on the plane ride to and from Florida!!


deanna said...

And he never needed them. It's all in his head!

On our honeymoon, I made him go on a glass bottom boat ride right after a thunderstorm. There were times when the boat rocked so badly that I could not see the horizon! Lots of guys were hanging over the side puking - T was not one of them!!

Kathryn said...

Sending you Happy B Day wishes...

Maybe you & your mom should book a cruise together if T won't go! ;-)

megan said...

#1) How did I not know it was your birthday?
#3) Disney Cruises are the BEST and you should go on one. Oh.My.Goodness. we did one at Christmas a few years ago, and it was fabulous.

deanna said...

Ah, silly me. It's my not my birthday until next week! I just start my wishing a little early!

Everyone says that about Disney cruises... but nobody wants to go with me! (Not to mention, with these trips to Hungary I can't really afford one!)