Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Not Your Parent's College!

The WP ran an article today about my parent's alma mater, The King's College. When they attended back in the '60's, the campus was in Briarcliff Manor, NY in an old golf resort turned college. It was a BEAUTIFUL campus. Through the years, they lost that property, tried to move to another location and eventually relocated in the Empire State Building. Strange, but it's nice that it's still alive, so to speak. I'm really surprised to see an article about them in DC, but kind of fun. Interesting to see the history of that college moving from suburban liberal arts to completely urban college.

As a side note (that any alumni from that era would appreciate) my aunt sent me my father's freshman initiation beanie from Kings. As a joke, my brother hung it in my kitchen and I haven't taken it down yet, despite repeated outcries from my mom to throw that horrid thing away, as it holds some awful memories for her. They have nothing to do with my dad, but everything to do with some kind of abusive ritual.... sorry mom, just can't bring myself to throw away a piece of family history! LOL


Jeremy said...

My mother went to Kings for two years in the 60s. I wonder if she knew your parents.

deanna said...

I think we've had this conversation before... my parents graduated around '67. Your mom might remember my mother's former fiance, David Miles, who was killed in a car accident over Thanksgiving break when they were there. My dad was the organist for the chapels. Funny!