Saturday, February 16, 2008


For 13 years T worked for Verizon as a DBA. Each year, he'd work on my birthday weekend - faithfully! Each year, it would get worse, longer hours, more weekends. Only one year did we actually go away for my birthday (which generally falls right around President's Day weekend). This year is his first year working at his new job. So far, any weekend work has been about 1 hour. We smile about it a lot. Until this weekend.

Here it is, President's Weekend, big Oracle release. He went in at 3, things are not going well, who knows when he'll be home, then he'll be thrown off all weekend. He also does not get President's
Day off (WHAT????), so what's worse about this time around? I get to have the girls all day while he's at work. I'm getting to the point where I'm thinking I'd like to pretend it's not really my birthday at all! (Can I stay younger as well??)

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