Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Oh, So Sweet

This morning I rolled over in bed and saw 64* as our outside temperature - which led to a big smile on my face. I had expected that to dip at some point today, but I just tucked Em in(to my bed!) and it still says 64*. It's been a nice, warm day today. I love little winter breaks, especially when it does not require any travel!! I know it will be short-lived as tomorrows high is only expected to be around 49.

Here's what I did on this unseasonably warm day: got up with a smile, made dessert for the teachers PTA dinner, took a walk with my MP3 worship songs, showered in a warm bathroom, ran dessert over to school in a short-sleeved shirt, saw my beautiful girls, got them off the bus on their half day, spent the afternoon outside with them in the balmy but damp 70's, got them over to gymnastics in the wind, ran down to their school for a 6:45 conference and it was still 67*!, then came home. Just walked the dogs with no coat on. How sweet is that? Now I'm just hoping it doesn't all end with a tornado!!

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