Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope you all have an enchanting Valentine's Day today!

After our scramble to make it out the door ON TIME today (no snow or ice - yippee!), I am now sitting here, in the middle of the messiest house you ever did see. I cry, moan, beg, threaten... I guess I'm just not assertive enough. I'll be cleaning alone again. Then making dinner. Then doing homework with everyone. Somewhere in there I will go to work.

Here's what I got the girls for Valentine's Day: an American Girl heart apron (each), baking stuff for cupcakes - YUM!, a small chocolate heart and a Webkinz heart bullfrog. I think they will enjoy their Valentines!

As for dinner, I have no idea what I'll make. I'm not really motivated to cook much but I think I'll just try something new and different - of course, nobody will like it. Maybe that's why I'm not motivated!! They'd all be happier with a pizza! Then we'll make those cupcakes. Then we're watching No Reservations (after the girls go to bed!). T wanted to watch it last night, but I opted for tonight - I'm pretty sure he didn't know why. I mean, it IS Valentine's Day!

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