Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jacks!

Well, I missed it by a day, but I did at least tell her HP yesterday!! Instead of blogging, I was subbing at Mother's Day Out, grocery shopping and making chicken fajitas for our neighbor with 6 kids. Quite an undertaking. Once that was done, I settled in for a movie with Em and Kt and promptly hit the sack!

For J's birthday, my mom made her a lasagne for dinner and my brother (who wasn't able to top the car he got her last year for her 30th birthday!) got her a new laptop. NICE!! I don't think we'll be topping that at our house for my birthday next week. That's OK, we didn't do the brand new car last year, either!! LOL

I'm really glad Jack's and I have our birthdays close because I used to share it every year with my grandmother (same day) and my father (two days after mine). Now that they are both gone, I still don't have to celebrate alone - well, maybe alone, but not by myself.

The funniest story about Jacks - she makes gorgeous jewelry, and we all know it. Even T knows it, but somehow when he was setting up an account for her and we told him to use "beader" he misunderstood us and used the word "beater" - and whenever I think of that, I just crack up!! What a goof! She's not a beater at all, but we've been wondering what T was thinking!!

So, Happy 31st Aunt Jacks!

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