Saturday, April 26, 2008


We're addicted once again! Nice weather, old grill, paper plates, fireflies.... Summer's here (yup, we skip spring around these parts!) and we fire up the grill (even with the big hole in the bottom!) and start dreaming about having a big garden. I'm already thinking I might have to find a spot for our most recent addiction - zucchini!! We just can't stop eating it! I have bought about 9 of them this past week and we haven't shared even one bite. Just a bit of olive oil and garlic and herb seasoning, the wonderful veggie grilling basket we bought last year and we have ourselves a side dish. I wonder if you can get sick from too much zucchini?? I guess we'll find out! =)


Kathryn said...

You have summer already?! It's been sunny here, but only in the 50's today.

deanna said...

Well, we HAD summer until you wrote that! Now we have Maine. LOL