Saturday, April 05, 2008

SPACE status

I think T probably does this more often than I do, but after this crazy week and not having mentioned our pending trips, I figured I'd update everyone...

We finally found a (brand, spankin' new) hostel in Vienna that is less than a kilometer from the hotel we stayed at last summer. It's nice because they were happy to accommodate us, seeing as they aren't even open yet (YIKES) and we are slightly familiar with that area. I actually found it while doing a search for another International House that I was unable to find... they were also offering to host us, but it was outside of Vienna, a bit farther than we'd hoped for. Maybe that's why I couldn't find it? Anyway, God orchestrated a something out of nothing, as usual, and we are good to go. Now, just having to find away to get all 26 of us from the airport to the hostel with all of our luggage. No biggie! ;-)

Last weekend we had a large number of SPACE leaders over for lunch, Stengths Finder discussions and fellowship. We ordered a couple of those huge Subway party subs, I made some really gross chocolate chip cookie bars (realizing only yesterday that my incorrect ingredient was baking soda instead of baking powder - what a difference that one mistake made, let me tell you!) and we forgot the diet soda... will not happen again, I promise! It is really a blessing to be able to host these things here, but for real, if SPACE continues to grow like this, we're gonna run out of "space" around here pretty fast! Pun intended!

BIG EVENT!!! Ok, fundraising is probably my least favorite part about these trips, HOWEVER, quite honestly, it's one of the ways in which God reveals his heart towards us every single summer. Financials weigh heavy on T's heart and soul and every year we squeak by, but it's an area where we know it's only by God's hand (and big pocket) that we can pull this off. He has encouraged us in ways no human can with our silly fundraising efforts. Not only that, but he has given us ways to communicate with our community what He's doing in the world - even if we are asking for help. Sometimes if baffles me the part that people unknowingly play in His work by "paying" us to wash their windows, wash their cars, donating items for..... OUR SILENT AUCTION. Yes, that's our big event this year. Luckily, there are some people who have done this before because I sure haven't. I'm not sure what I was thinking when this idea popped into my head.

Anyway, we talked about this last Saturday and I thought everyone was on board... but we have not heard boo about it all week. And this scares me a bit, but I'm still excited. And slightly frightened. Here's what we still need: a location, an event, donations. Just three really big things! No biggie, right?? Once again, our induction into the nearest insane asylum is emminent. Thank goodness T and I aren't doing this one alone! (Thanks, Erin!)

Really, each of our trips is off to a great start. And even though we have started early this year, we understand, as one of our CAI friend put it, God is often so last minute! Why? I think because He wants us to trust him, depend on Him and to know it's not about us at all... all for Him.

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Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Your faith is inspiring. Trust in the Lord, in all things. One of life's most important (if not the most important) lessons.

You sound very energetic and peppy iin this post, just the kind of attitude to get things off the ground.

Best of luck to you!