Monday, April 07, 2008

Cars & Ideas

Today T took my car to get the emissions done so I had his old clunker. I gathered all my things and hopped in for a quick ride to the gym for my water aerobics class, and as I was sitting in his car at the bus stop, waiting for the girls to get on before I was off, I started remembering what it was like when his old car was our new car. It smelled nice (I won't mention the stench now... oh, I just did!), it purred like a kitten (OK, maybe a cheetah!) and it was our "fun" car! Now, time has taken it's toll on this car. It burns oil, has little pick-up and compared with the car we just bought last October, it's old and run down. The back bumper is still busted because my husband refuses to fix it. It looks, sounds and acts like a very old car!

As I was truckin' down the highway, wondering if that acrid smell was coming from me!, I was thinking that old cars are a lot like ideas. We envision them - brand, new Corvette.... (that's what T's always dreaming about!), smells nice, shiny. We might actually realize one of them, ride in it, purchase it, own it... Then, after using it many times it loses it's luster. It's just a car, it's not new anymore, it wreaks of it's own innards falling apart. At some point we realize it's just not going to hold up any longer. It's even lost it's capability to be recycled and renewed. Time to junk it and find something new or it might just fail us.

I had decided, as part of this post I was formulating in my mind, that during my water aerobics class I would go through the file of ideas in my head (always thinking) and figure out which ones had reached the limit of life... which ones I could recycle and renew and where I needed to birth new ideas. In fact, had the gym actually been open and not void of electricity, this might have been a better post. Instead, I realized that my idea to take water aerobics this morning over group power (located at a different gym, needing registration) was a bad (dead) idea! So, here I am, back at home.... and you get this incomplete idea!

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