Monday, April 21, 2008

Just Another Rainy Monday!

It is totally pouring outside. The girls woke up not just on the wrong side of their beds, but most likely crawled under them when they realized it was a school day. Em came in my room this morning and asked me to check to see if school was either delayed or canceled. I assured her it was neither and she nearly cried, whining, "But... but.... how am I going to get to school today? It's POURING outside!!!" You'd think they had never seen rain before!

For real, it's just like life. Things happen, we're pretty sure we just can't deal with it or we don't really want to. It would be comforting to crawl into a ball and wait for the storm to pass, sleep it off, but life goes on around us as if there's no rain at all. School is open, the grocery store awaits me, everyone is heading to their morning aerobics classes and there's laundry to be done. It's just that sometimes we don't feel like doing those things when it's raining, or when our lives are in shambles.

Fortunately, my life is not in shambles right now, so I can see in this rain that my lawn has a chance of turning green (of course, only where there is actually grass growing!), spring is in full bloom and much of that pollen that's been buggin' us will have to start over once it's washed out of the air. I can see the good in the storm now, but it's not always like that. I'm sure when I'm trying to get 20 bags of groceries into my car and it's a major downpour I'll be a bit less optimistic!!

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