Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Safety Capsule

I have weeks where I feel like my little family is in this safety capsule that is equally protected and on the edge of bursting. This is definitely one of those weeks!! We've had good news, bad news and tragic news but we're on this little island for now.

Good news: my neighbor had her baby and they're healthy, home, happy. I'm really so encouraged and excited about that. Our neighbor, who has 6 kids and one on the way and the same exact lymphoma my father had just received an all clear in remission report on his latest PET scan. It's a miracle! T had his first review at the job he's had for a year and it was awesome - very encouraged, very happy. We're gearing up for our little pre-anniversary getaway in Key West next weekend... Yay!

Bad news: T's dad is having more test for another "odd" thing on his latest MRI. A young woman in my Bible study group had a stroke resulting from a chiropractic manipulation that caused what was thought to be vertigo... but was really a tear in an artery that in the past three weeks completely clotted and blocked that artery causing a stroke - will be taking them a meal tomorrow. She needs to learn how to walk again - with a 2 year old and a 4 month old at home. Our friend and genex pastor of our church had 2 seizures last night and is in the hospital. T went last night, as did many other people who know and love him. Prayer for that family and all other mentioned here.

Tragedy: I mentioned earlier that the family in the news - father who killed his children in Baltimore Marriott - went to the school I used to teach at. It seems that many of my friends knew them, the director of the Mother's Day Out program I work for is very good friends with this poor mom and was with her when she received the news on Sunday. Please continue to pray for her, the community that has been deeply devastated by this unbelievable event. I'm very disturbed by each part of this story I hear in the news as well as from the many who knew them. Having dealt with a family member who also suffers from a mood disorder I know how frightening it can be and how frustrating it is to attempt to protect those you love. I just really wish our judicial system recognized how serious mental health issues are and would be more proactive in protecting children, who tend to be the innocent victims caught in the crossfire.

So I'm at this point where I'm feeling like things around us are kind of falling apart and we're intact. I'm just wondering for how long! But I'm so thankful for a faithful God, a peaceful home, a strong family unit and that I can help even in small ways.

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Kathryn said...

It's difficult when life sends such a rollercoaster of emotions all at once...wonderful new baby news, worrying medical news, tragic family news...

Life can be such a whirlwind. Your 'safety capsule' is a nice metaphor. Faith does not remove us from the winds, but it provides that still place to stand amidst them. :-)