Wednesday, April 30, 2008

got stress?

Ok, so I finally went to the doctor today. Between allergies, heart palpitations, panic mode, my boss having pericarditis.... I felt the time had come. So, I tell this doctor my whole long symptomatic story and she says this to me: So, do you have any, like, stress in your life?? Oh, lady, do I GOT STRESS!!

But really, who doesn't? Sadly, most of my stress comes in a form that is preventable - it's called worry. I guess this whole episode just illustrates the fact that I learned nothing from a whole year of studying Calm My Anxious Heart, by Linda Dillow. Sorry, Linda. I just didn't listen! I guess I'll go back and take better notes.

Of course, I also am facing my first (terrible) allergy season on a new blood pressure medicine, the first one I've ever taken that does not help control my heartrate or my asthma. That, obviously, has something to do with what they are calling allergy exacerbated asthma. Anyway, I need to try Claritin and I'm back on those nasty inhalers - watch out world!! I was off those once I started BP meds 13 years ago, except for my episode of bronchitis three years ago. Now, albuterol is my friend again!

Still, I have stress and I'm doing my best to manage it. I do not want to be on an anti-anxiety meds on top of everything I already take. I'm not against them, I'm just not interested in taking any more pills. Get it? So, if I say NO to you, don't take it personally. Think of it as our way of relieving some of my possibly life threatening symptoms. =)


Kathryn said...

Oh my. How can we de-stress your life a bit?! Ever try yoga? It's notorious for helping people breathe and de-stress.

I don't blame you for not wanting to add more meds to your repertoire. At the risk of sounding too alternative (I know you're not really into that), I have heard that acupuncture is used to treat asthma...maybe it could bring your symptoms down to a level where you could decrease your asthma meds.

Take care of yourself. :-)

deanna said...

Thanks for the suggestion, but something about acupuncture just doesn't sit well with me! Maybe it's the fact that I'm constantly having bloodwork done and me and needles don't mix!!

As far as yoga goes, I'm actually considering a water yoga class that my water aerobics instructor teaches. We'll see how that goes. I'm guessing I can do yoga better submerged than I can out in the open air! LOL