Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Sometimes, as a parent, I feel completely clueless. Here are some reasons why:

~ Em "cleaned" her room, and I found (I'll post a picture later) she had hung all her plastic bead necklaces on hangers from her dresser drawer knobs... why does her idea of clean = a messier room?

~ Kt has a quiz tomorrow in math on fractions, capacity (measurement) and elapsed time... is it possible that I made it to calculus and have no idea what elapsed time is? or is that some code name for something I actually did but there is some new name for it? I have no idea because Kt does her homework and schoolwork before I ever have a chance to absorb any of it!

Despite feeling a bit overwhelmed by our communication gaps, my kids basically amaze me on many levels. I cannot comprehend life without them now that they're here, and for that reason my mind has been focused on Amy Castillo. Many prayers and thoughts her way tonight.

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