Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sis!

Today is my sister's birthday - my little sister. Hehe. We don't always see eye to eye. In fact, we sort of have a little party when we do agree, but we share the same love and respect for family, friends and the ocean. Being moms together has added a new element of "tightness" to us I think. Perhaps it's the realization of what our mom had to endure raising both of us in the same house! Or possibly it's sharing something only sisters can understand together, raising kids using the same source of experience and advice. Anyway, today is her birthday - so HB, Steph! ENJOY!
Favorite Mems with the Sis

~eating Cheerios together on the dreadful green cushioned rocking chair
~collecting stickers that our parents let us put on our beautiful, antique wooden bedroom door
~sharing a bedroom, bunkbeds and playing "Name that Tune" way past our bedtime ;-)
~doing eachother's hair in the funkiest ways possible
~daddy tormenting our boyfriends - one of our common nightmares!
~playing school in our back porch playroom together
~playing house, Barbies and fighting over which one of us our friends belonged to
~trying not to be like eachother
~naming your cat (Baby Kitty or Frisco?)
~Monopoly games that lasted weeks
~giving Sean M. rides home from school
~teaching you how to get to Caldor
~sunbathing on the back roof when mom let us skip school
~you being a missing person at MWC
~driving all the way to Florida after playing in church together on Christmas Eve
~our weddings - still managing not to be anything like eachother!
~becoming mommies
~spending hours together laughing at all the crazy, funny, hysterical memories we've made and how lucky we are to be sisters!

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