Thursday, November 06, 2008

Today's Headlines.... and my commentary....

Not that you really care, but here are my thoughts.

Automakers Plead for $25M More

Me: Only if you agree to stop making crappy cars!

Two Years Taken Toll? What is his "true age"?

Me: I guess it's two years more than when he started... unless he can change the way we do math, too!

What Will Be the New Presidential Pooch?

Me: I've got two for him to choose from, both hypoallergenic and they come with expiration dates! ;-)

Ancient Chinese Mysteries Solved by Cave Rocks

Me: Calgon... take me away!

Taxpayers May Pay Fees for Mortgage Execs

Me: That's not all we'll be paying for!!

UN Even More Expensive Than It Looks

Me: Try corrupt.

Dow Plummets Below 9,000

Me: Yup... selling off what you can before the Capital Gains tax goes up to 45%.... ridiculous!

Some Consider Obama World's President

Me: I'd be happy to let them share in our tax hikes! ;-)

Oh, one more just popped up that I can't let pass me by::

Rev. Wright Blames Media for Campaign Controversy

Me: Where to begin.... first, you only have yourself to blame... second, the "media" gave you a get out of jail free card so keep your mouth shut.... finally, Obama won no thanks to you! Does that about cover it?

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