Monday, November 24, 2008

All I Want for Christmas is.....

Every year I ask the girls to make Christmas lists. This year, with the help of my 5th grader and her propensity for lists, the girls have made hysterical, exhaustive lists of all they want for Christmas. As I laughed through them, of course I thought you would enjoy knowing what was on them. I'm going to share them for their humorous value and nothing else (I don't want anyone sending me Pixie Sticks in the mail!!).

I must first share with you that Kt included clip art on her list printout. If you feel the need to make a list of your own and you'd like a Santa up on top and a Christmas tree complete with presents on the bottom, let me know and I'll forward you the document. Just make sure you have 15 things to list, and don't worry, if you have more you can add more spaces, just like my girls did!

Kt's Christmas List

* = I want the most

*1. iPod
*2. Vara Bradly Purse
3. Drums
4. Cell phone
5. Girl spy stuff
*6. chocolate! chocolate! chocolate!
7. lots of Aero shirts
8. a kerioke(?) machiene thing
9. movies
10. Mama Mia CD
11. Carrie Underwood CD
12. lots of clothes
13. candy
14. books
15. some gift cards to like anywhere!
16. and some hair/nal/makeup stuff
17. go on some over seas missons trip

Thank you!!!!!
You're Awesome!!!

Emily's Christmas List

(she has written "I (heart)" above Santa)

* means I want more

*1. iPod
*2. lizard
3. fish
*4. air hockey table
*5. laptop
*6. a miny car
*7. phon
*8. Vera Bradly wallit
9. chocolate
*10. wish I got wat I wish for
11. chocolate and more chocolate
12. shoger
*13. pixe stiks
14. more candy
15. a fun Christmas

Thank you!!!

Now... the air hockey table is very suspicious, as we picked one up (used) to give the girls. I guess we can't surprise them!! I seems that Kt, although told not to peek, did so anyway and is going to try to peg it on her little sister, who admitted to me what happened and begged me not to say anything about it! Stinkers. I'm going to send back that iPod right now! ;-) I'm also thinking of instituting a rule that if you can't spell it, you can't have it! I'm such a mean Santa!!


Gracie said...

Oh man, those make me laugh. KT was telling me on Monday that she wanted a Vera Bradley purse, and when asked what she would do with it, she couldn't come up with an answer other than "I don't know, I just want something from Vera." It made me giggle :D

deanna said...

LOL - yes, because Vera is our best friend and all! Silly kids!

Kathryn said...

This is hysterical!

Jackie said...

Pixie stix...I'm on it. That is soooooo cute. I'm gonna put a Vera purse on my list...the oonly problem is I will be laughed out of my house by my husband.