Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Had my 36,000th blog visitor today. Must be writing a Christmas letter in Sanford, ME!

Our weekend away was fun. We ended up heading up to CT and going to Coco Key Water Resort. It was nice, relaxing, and very, very difficult to come home. Especially with the election. I have to admit, I'm feeling quite a mix of grief and doom today and hoping it will dissipate. I can't say as I didn't expect the outcome, but I really feel in my heart that we are in for some dark days ahead. It's times like these when I worry about living so close to DC, NSA, and various other targets.

I know God is in control, and He's the one who sets kings in rulers in place... it's just not always to receive blessing. I fear that our days of being a blessed nation have come to an end. In fact, I think they may have come to end far before today! Is it a great statement that our country has come far enough to vote in a biracial president? Sure it is. I just hope it's the right person for this job. I am hopeful we didn't choose someone based on race alone.

I'll be scrambling for the next couple of weeks to get a volunteer program off the ground for the girls' school, working, teaching for girls grace adventure and getting ready for Thanksgiving... or going away for it! I'm actually feeling a bit scattered but not having to check for election news will free up some of my time. As for having to deal with the consequences of this election, I'll leave that for future fret (you know, healthcare mess, DoD cuts, tax increases, government takeover of 401ks, morality issues - small stuff!). For now, I have some groceries to purchase with my frozen bank funds!


kimsilver said...

I am with you on the doom and gloom type feelings that I am hoping to shake. :0(

deanna said...

I'm now at the point of peace, but will admit they are still in the rear view mirror!