Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Negativity is Contagious

T called today, right as the girls were getting home. He said, "So... what are you doing?" I replied, "Well, I'm waiting for your girls to get home. Once they are home, they will be mad at me for making them do their homework. Then they will complain about the dinner I am going to make them. After that, they will grumble about the packing and cleaning we need to do. Finally, they will whine about having to go to bed after I make them finish their homework, practice the piano/flute and brush their teeth. Then we wake up tomorrow and start the cycle all over again!" He said to me, "I think I know those kids!"

We've had a fairly light week, big decisions but not much going on. We leave tomorrow for a couple days at Salisbury University where T is going to speak to Campus Crusade students Thursday evening, then do some community stuff Friday/Saturday am. It's fun to be able to tag along with the girls. Next week will be unbelievably crazy between work, small group, Battle of the Books meeting (more on that some other time!), T's first elder meeting (yup, I said it), Girls Grace Adventure, Parent Partners meeting.... By the end of the week, I'll be ready for a vacation!! UGH! I thought that since we've lightened the load of things the girls do we'd have easy weeks. Instead, it's looking absolutely insane. What is the deal??

Now, for my little political question of the day: What kind of change do you suppose Obama was hinting at now that he's hiring all these Clinton folks? I'm just wondering.... because I'm seeing "Clinton - Take 3". Hmmm...


Randy and Terry said...

Deanna, T is now an elder? That's fantastic! Last time we were home and with some Grace folks (I can't remember who), we were discussing the elders and I said there needed to be fresh blood. T will be a phenomenal addition to the elders. Tell him congrats for me.

Oh, and I am totally enjoying your blog!

tony sheng said...

Thanks Terry! It's actually a one year experiment and there are a few others that are embarking on it with me. We'll see how it goes - it's definitely going to be interesting!