Monday, November 10, 2008

Family Update

This is for the fam, since I've been so delinquent in updating lately.

Kt is one of two from her class of 27 to make it to the Spelling Bee this year. I am assuming it's a small spelling bee since there are only 3 classes and 3 fourth grade classes. Should be interesting. She is completely inspired to win, as she's heard that the national spelling bee pays money. Got that jump rope in hand! LOL

Em has just shared with me that today they watched a video in Health about violence. She is completely horrified that the two boys in the video got into a fight (she demonstrated it for me in slow motion) where one boy broke his wrist. Quite wide-eyed, she said the police had to visit the home of one of the boys. Certainly left an imprint on a 7 year old mind. I asked her if there had ever been a fight like that at school or had she ever seen one on TV, to which she replied, "NEVER two seven year old boys. I've never seen anything like that!" Mental note to self: intergalactic warfare, such as one might witness while watching all 9 Star Wars movies with dad at the ripe age of 5 isn't nearly as impressive as a playground fight between two 7 year olds!

T is in the final stages of making a decision about what to do this year. His mind changes every couple of minutes, so I'm hoping when he comes through the door tonight he will have committed to something! Then again, maybe I like living a life of uncertainty. OK - I don't!

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Kathryn said...

That's great about Katie in the spelling bee. I'm sure you are a very proud mom!