Thursday, November 06, 2008

It Finally Happened!

Ever since she was 5, Kt has passionately wanted to go to Africa. She has talked about it non-stop, dreamed about it, written about it, prayed about it and begged us to take her. This past summer she incessantly bugged us to allow her to join the Cameroon team and was indignant about the fact that we refused based on the fact that she was 10 years old, not a teenager like all the other team members. I've never doubted that she will somehow end up going to Africa, I just wasn't prepared for last night.

As we went around our Girls Grace Adventure small group sharing prayer requests it happened. I thought it would happen last year, as we prayed for one of our girls who was moving to Uganda for a year and Kt was intrigued with the opportunity. I thought it would happen when we had our friends from Cameroon come home on furlough with their three children. I even thought it might happen Kt prayed in front of our 100 or so summer missions team members that she hoped God would send her to Africa some day. Instead, it happened last night, in a simple prayer request of a girl just her age. She just went on a trip to Kenya. Reality set in, and Kt now knows that she must go. She came up to me right after, teeth gritting, eyebrows raised and said, "Kaitlin went to Africa!" She's always been determined, she's always been indignant, she's always been passionate - now she's been outdone. At least in her mind. There's no stopping her now. I guess we'll need to keep tabs on her passport!

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