Monday, November 17, 2008


It's been a kind of whirlwind last few days with more on the way! Last Thursday, we pulled the girls out of school early and drove out to Salisbury University, where Tony spend a few days with CRU on campus there. Campus Crusade, sadly named that YEARS ago when "crusade" did not have nearly the same connotation that it does today, is a student organization often staffed by full-time, supported adults. At Salisbury, with almost 300 student members, it is run by the students, and I love the organic nature of what they are doing there. Super fun!!

T spoke at their weekly CRU meeting about our individuality within global missions. Then Friday night he ran a Meyers-Briggs personality workshop with a small cross-cultural activity. Saturday morning the group there had planned on culminating their canned food drive with a morning at a soup kitchen, but until around 9 am they had no idea what they would be doing. They decided to just show up at a local soup kitchen and leave their donation and instead we ended up serving about 100 or more people - children, adults of varying ethnicities. It was a great opportunity, especially with our girls, and I think some long-term relationships were initiated there. Very fun!

After that, while it was about 70 degrees outside, we decided to extend our little weekend by one night and we took the girls to Ocean City for fun. They had never been there! At least not a time they remembered. It's not my favorite place to go - a bit run down and a little sketch with small kids in the summer. There's a very dark element to it, but we certainly enjoyed the off-season crowd. We even met a guy who owns George's Lemonade and Fried Dough stand. I thought he was Italian, but he's really Turkish and from a city where some of our friends served, Ankara. Small World!!

Our world was even smaller and we drove up north to Rehobeth to find a hotel for the evening as well as shop. As I was waiting in the car for T to check out prices at one hotel, a friend of ours ran out - they were checking in as well!! Very funny to meet them there, on their way to Atlantic City for their anniversary. We met up with them in the lobby that evening while the girls watched a movie, burned popcorn and whined about sleeping on the sleeper sofa! It was a fun trip.

Now we're back and this week is shaping up to be incredibly busy. Today alone I went to work, grocery shopping (now I'm playing =)), then piano lessons, homework, meeting for that Battle of the Books my daughter signed me up to coach, small group.... the list is crazy. Tomorrow is T's first elder meeting, Wednesday is Girl's Grace Adventure, Thursday is my organizational meeting for the parent tutoring program. I'm going to collapse on Friday! A bunch of our friends are pulling into town this weekend for next week's holiday. Can it really be Thanksgiving already?? Which reminds me... I wanted to get my hair cut, buy something to wear to this 20th high school reunion and do laundry and pack. Craziness!

Here's a funny: just before we left to go last week, I shut my bedroom closet door. We don't normally do that, but we have in the past, like last year when my sister's son actually slept in there in his pack-n-play. I had never noticed before, but the door has a lock on it. The kind the needs a key. And this time, it was locked! I'm not sure how that happened, but it did. Anyway... being the packrat that I am, I knew we had a ring with about 20 keys on it from the previous owners, who had changed out many locking doorknobs they had on various doors in the house. Why? I have no idea!! But they did not change out this doorknob, so it locked! Fortunately, T found a key that worked and we opened it. Glad I saved them, crazy that it's been almost 7 years that we've lived here and that has never happened before!

Tomorrow - Kt has a field trip to Annapolis. Walking trip. And it's only a high of 38 degrees for tomorrow... and she has a little cold. Not a good thing!

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Kathryn said...

You've been busy...but that seems to be a lifestyle, so I'm not sure how different it feels to you than most other days! ;-)

Reunions...the anticipation is WAY worse than the actual event in my experience. I felt dread before mine, but it was fun once I got there. I bet you'll enjoy it.