Monday, November 10, 2008

Proposed Looting of Vacation

Growing up in New England, I never appreciated the amount of time off school we received. Each year, we would get time off at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter Break in February and Spring Break in April. Of course, we started school after Labor Day and ended at the end of June, leaving two months off for summer. The best part about the weeks off was giving us all a break from the rampant germs that would infest our stuffy schools!

Now that I live here in MD, I'm much more appreciative. We start school before Labor Day, get Thanksgiving and Christmas Breaks, days off here and there, one week for Spring Break and somehow, oddly, we typically still only end school about 5 days before the schools in New England. I'm never really sure how that happens, but 5 days is a week, so I'll take it! Still, it's a long haul from Christmas Break to Spring Break.

I'm completely livid about the fact that the school board just sent out a proposed calendar that includes taking away three days of Spring Break! Are they completely NUTS?? Their rationale behind it is that instructional time after Memorial Day is not valuable - HUH? I've never seen that happen in our elementary schools! That it gives us three days earlier release from school in June - well, if the days after Memorial Day are not valuable, just end all school the Friday before that Holiday! And students who are going to summer school have their grades earlier so they know if they need to go to summer school. Wow - a whole three days will make such a world of difference if you're failing!!! I don't think so. What a dumb idea. If they do this, I'll still be taking my kids away for a full week - because I think we all deserve it. Give me my vacation back!

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Linda said...

I think a lot of parents plan for the week off for their kids and a lot of them plan their vacations around that.I think the parents would still go ahead with their plan as regardless of what the school board does. SO I think it's a crazy idea for to even consider it.