Thursday, November 06, 2008

Summary of my Year

January - nothing.
February - sent T to Florida, stayed home in the cold!
March - 5th Anniversary of my dad's death
April - 4 days in Key West.... Yay! When can we go back?, neighbor's begin building treehouse, I mean deck in our backyard....
May - weird heart condition that drove me crazy for three months, pulling together 6 missions trips and training - so happy T did most of that!
June - Silent Auction - never again!, sign up for grueling swim team with 8:30 am practices - what was I thinking?
July - Hungary missions trip - Yahoo!
August - packed up my house to move into my dream home... never materialized, my basement is still full of boxes... a bit depressing, missions travel agent leaves (and we loved her!)
September - school starts, new job, SPACE ends
October - election mania overtakes my life.... and it shouldn't, but it did
November -

How am I going to turn this into a Christmas letter? Maybe we should skip that this year!

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