Monday, June 30, 2008

One more thing...

I totally forgot to post this funny story....

For those of you who know me (and T), we aren't drinkers. We don't have anything against it, we just don't. I do occasionally enjoy a mixed drink or wine coolers, so when we were in Savannah, my mom bought some Bartles & James for us. We broke them out one night and I wasn't 2 sips into it when I (embarrassingly) belched, which my daughter found incredibly amusing. It was rather deep and long.... figures!!

Anyway, while we were recovering from our hysterics, I noticed a little note on my bottle that read "Contains Sulfites". I had a hard time reading it (after my two sips) so I asked my sister if she knew whether or not it really said that. She said sure, and that you can buy sulfite free wine, but it's expensive. I was curious because I have a sulfa allergy and not being a drinker, I had no idea wine contained sulfites. (Of course, I'm wondering now if that's why I've never enjoyed wine.)

My brother-in-law joined the conversation at this point, so I recounted all the occurrences (minus the belch) to him up to that point. He asked me what my symptoms were from my sulfa allergy. My daughter chimed in at this point, not wanting to be left out, "Well.... for one thing, she belches! Really loud and long!!" After that, the conversation about sulfites was all but lost in our ridiculous laughter. Summer and family - two things I love!

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