Tuesday, June 10, 2008


My mom has been wanting a Wii ever since we got ours for Christmas. The problem is that they aren't readily available. I had heard from a friend last week that Best Buy had some, so on our vacuum hunt we checked it out - and the had "one left" that they happily sold to me for her. I'm sure once I left, they found another last "one left" for the next sorry soul! LOL It was a nice score, nevertheless, and my mom is excited to have an end-of-the-school-year-gift. Now we'll never get her to visit!

And my mom is so cool - I mean, what 38 year old has a mother who wants a Wii? I did have to laugh when I called her to see if she really wanted it and whether or not she wanted an extra controller. She told me only if it was wireless. Hehe. The guy in the store was cracking up at us! =)

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A- Truckers- Wife said...

lol..that's too funny that your mom wanted a wii..good for her...glad you finally found one!!!!