Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I think this thing is over. Last night, T and I went out in search of a new vacuum cleaner since our other one bit the dust, went up in smoke, etc. When we came out of Walmart (empty handed), the temperature registered 97 degrees. It was 10pm. That is just crazy ridiculous for Maryland!! It has been unbearably hot!!

What have we been doing to stay cool? Swimming! and drinking lots of ice water, keeping our ac on, barbequing as opposed to turning on the oven (well, not really!)... it's really impossible to stay cool. I have been keeping lights off, though. They are just way too hot!

On a lighter note, today was my last day of work. I even turned in my key. I'm currently jobless, yet for some reason I still have a boatload of things to do. How does that happen? Oh, wait, it's the volunteer thing again. I need to stop doing that! ;-)

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A- Truckers- Wife said...

we just had a heat wave too..here in Maine.. Crazy weather for here. High 90's. It finally broke last night....after the MASSIVE thunder shower that woke me out of a sound sleep!!!!Now we're in the 80's and no humidity!! Thank goodness!! Hate that kind of weather!!!!