Monday, June 30, 2008

Pit Stop

It's been a loooooong blogbreak this time around. Just so much going on, I'm finally coming up for some air!!

Since I last wrote (I can't even remember when that was!), we've had a full house - full of houseguests, that peaked the night before we left for Savannah. That weekend is a complete blur. It was Mission Advance, we had a couple from down south staying with us until they got settled in Baltimore, LeslieB and my mom popped up for a night. I took the girls to their swim meet pep rally, then on to church for the evening of MA. We came home to sleep (didn't think we'd make it to the meet at 7 if we slept at church!), got up at 6:15, spent all morning at our first swim meet (no pics because T had the camera), left early, met everyone at church and on to a HOT afternoon downtown. Then back to church for the evening, home to meet my mom and finish packing for our trip to Savannah. I did, literally, about 30 loads of laundry the week before.

We had a fun, hot week in Savannah. My mom, Em and I were babysitting my nephew, Brendan. Kt helped at preschool camp with my sister and Skyler. We pretty much stayed put, spent some time at the aquarium, swam in the easy set pool in my sister's backyard and tried making Brendan sleep! He's giving up naps! We did go on a Dolphin cruise - lots of dolphins! The girls went swimming at the YMCA and we finally made it to the beach the last night we were there - amidst storm clouds and bathroom trips. While the girls played in the sand, we watched dolphins swim just off the shore. It was beautiful.

Some funnies:

One morning, Skyler put on her ballet outfit - something she puts on the second she steps through the door from wherever she just came from! I noticed something on the skirt that looked much like a large flower petal. I asked her what it was and she said, in her little 4-year-old articulate speech of hers, "Oh, that's just a scratchroach." Like it was not big deal. I had to get my mom and kids to take care of that nauseating bug!

Brendan has a great vocabulary for an 18 month old - he had us in stitches all week! He very appropriately uses, "OH GOSH!", "Golly!" and "Cookie, peese!" He's eaten more sugar in his 18 months than his sister had eaten by the age of 3. (Last year my sister gave her her first jelly bean!) That kid is going to eat my sister out of house and home soon and has quite the affinity for fruit. Our favorite thing to do with him? Dance and giggle - together! We had a blast with him.

Our trip home last night leaves much to be desired. Fortunately, we had an intermission in our trip to visit with a college friend of mine and her son. That was super fun - I wish we all lived closer!! We are already planning to get together somewhere in between our busy lives - I can't wait!!

The pit stop I'm talking about is our two day stint here in MD before I head back to CT with my mom and the girls. T is going to join us this weekend - YAY!!! Finally! and then drive us home for Kt's tennis camp that begins Monday. No swim meet this weekend, so we're feeling a reprieve. Tonight - Wall-E!


jaydensjourney said...

Did you guys hit the storms? We ran into them full bore about 1/2 hour from home. I was really hoping you got north of them before they came through. We had three full rounds last night with the last one finishing at 2:30am It was so good to see you guys and Jayden misses Emenee and Kt.

Leslie said...

This so-called Pit Stop is such a tease for me. You leave me forever and then you come back only to leave again. Why, Deanna, why?

deanna said...

So sorry, Leslie!! I promise not to desert you again!!

Yes, we drove through some storms in Richmond, then got off on the beltway and sat, and sat, and sat.... I decided after an hour to get off at Telegraph road (about 1 mile... in an hour!) and get on the beltway the other direction. We then toured downtown Alexandria! UGH! Got home at midnight and we're exhausted!

It was so fun seeing you and Jay - can't wait to meet up again!

kimsilver said...

okay....that "scatchroach" thing grossed me out. I have a bug thing. Uck.
Glad you had fun.