Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Today is Father's Day and I think it's been an OK start. We have very little planned other than preparing for the arrival of some people we've never met to stay at our house for an undetermined amount of time. We've known about this for a while, but there are always things that need to be done at the last minute, like laundry. Yes, T did some laundry this morning! =) No worries, I did pretty much everything else - vacuum, clean, garbage, made him breakfast.... and there's some more to do! It won't be a total loss - -I promise. He's sitting next to me here playing Super Mario Galaxy, and I imagine he'll be there later playing Super Mario Kart.

As far as fathers go, T is one of the best. I think most of the kids he works with would agree. I like to share all the compliments given to us at the girl's school because I know that this job of "Dad" is not easy, dads need to be encouraged! Being futuristic, sometimes the day to day things are kind of lost on this dad, but the big things are constantly swirling in his mind. He's already planning a special trip with Em for next summer, thinking about places to take our family with the girls in mind and being involved in their lives knowing that his biggest impact on the world may come from the two kids in his life that he spends the most time shaping.

Having friends who are tackling single parenting, I don't take for granted the luxury we have in parenting together and the importance we place on taking care of our own relationship for the sake of our family. Our trip to Key West in April was the first of hopefully many that we will take together in our commitment to maintaining a marriage that is able to sustain and develop world changing generations. I feel fortunate to have a husband/father in my life who feels that's just as important as his ministry.

OK - I'm off to finish "helping" my girls clean up their bedrooms.... getting ready for our guests. I'm sure T can take care of himself - and our Wii! He's wearing his new Germany soccer jersey and later... possibly watching the extras on the I Am Legend dvd we picked up for him.

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