Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So, it's finally here!! I totally wish we lived near the beach. Instead of hanging out there all summer, we're doing something totally Maryland - swim team. We finally gave in to the pressure! This is new for all of us in many ways. T and I never were involved on any sports teams and where I grew up it was the beach or a pool someone invited you to. There were no town owned pools and any large pools were indoor. The whole swim team thing was something I only heard of in high school, where our team swam at Bridgeport University! Our school system didn't have a pool to speak of.

Anyway, here we are, getting up at some ungodly hour on our summer vacation to go to swim practice, forcing children to swim laps over and over again and then subjecting them to perform in front of hundreds of maniacal parents every Saturday morning. Everyone has assured me it's a lot of fun, so not only are we participating, but we paid for it! And we bought towels! Now we're really "in"! ;-)

This past Saturday we had time trials - Kt, who has "no way, no how" going to join swim team miraculously changed her mind and is now wholeheartedly swimming. She swam all four strokes on Saturday and I was really proud of her. She has friends who swim, so they showed her the ropes. Em, who was "so excited" about swim team, even getting her hair cut short enough to not have to wear a bathing cap, all of a sudden does not want to swim anymore. She woke up Saturday morning, looked at me and said, "I am not going to swim today." Long story short, she swam! Then I made her swim a second time, despite lots of complaining and tears. I have to admit, I felt awful making her do it - to me, that's just not what summer is about. Fortunately, she loves practice. If we survive this Saturday's big meet, I will be relieved.

About this Satuday.... we're supposed to be at our big training weekend at church. I'm taking the girls on Saturday morning to this meet. Then we'll be spending all day in Baltimore, then training Sat. night until 8pm, then I come home to pack us up to leave sometime (hopefully early) for Savannah.... I'm feeling exhausted just thinking about it. Please pray for some strength!!!

Pictures: Coach Dad, Kt attempting butterfly!, Em - the cheese sandwich elicited a smile after all those tears.

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Kathryn said...

Swim team sounds like quite an undertaking. Hope it bring the girls enjoyment.

I, too, remember hating meets in track, and hating recitals in piano. Hopefully, the girls' love of swimming will outweigh their dislike of the meets. :-)