Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Day to Myself

It's strange to have one of these, but I'm enjoying mine!! In many ways, it's my last hurrah. Tomorrow is Kt's picnic, Friday I'm working, then we have that silent auction, this weekend - well, those are never really just mine, Monday the girls have their dentist appointments (and if they are anything like mine yesterday, I'm petrified for them!!) to have their cavaties filled, Tuesday I work, Wednesday is Em's class picnic and a half day, Thursday and Friday are the last two half days of school and I'm signed up to help pack up our school office for renovations. Then, that's it until the end of August.

So, what does one do on their last quiet day? I spent some time on the computer catching up with friends, ran over to drop something off to T, made a little trip to Trader Joe's - we've fallen in love with their frozen chinese food since I can't cook chinese and it's too expensive to order out, swung by 5 Below for some auction decor, came home to clean up the kitchen, doing laundry and eventually I hope to make it upstairs for something... not sure what yet, but I'm sure I'll think of something on my way.

Tonight, I'll be baking some zucchini bread for the bake sale portion of our silent auction. If you live around here and want some free ice cream sundaes on Friday night, come see us!! You can meet our teams and hear about our trips - it will be fun!!

OK - I have 45 minutes left of freedom... let the countdown begin!

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