Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Sign

This is either a sign of someone who has spent too much time in a public school or too much time working retail or in a public building.

I'm doing my laundry, which is located in our mudroom - where we come into the house from the garage. Just inside the door to the family, I have three laundry baskets arranged for easy sorting and this thought pops into my head:

"Is this a fire hazard?"

Enough said. I left them until I was done, then created an appropriate path in the event of a fire or the possibility that the fire marshall will pay an unexpected visit to my house, which I've never even heard of before!

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A- Truckers- Wife said...

LOL!! I hear ya!! Often the fire department comes to my work and does inservices and talk about different fire dangers and I then sometimes when I'm home think of some of those things and check my house!

Merry Christmas!!