Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Seis Anos de Espanol

Of course, I can't type in Spanish - I have no idea where to find a tilde! Anyway, for the first time since my very last Spanish class my senior year of high school, I am finally using it this afternoon. I'm heading off to Brownies to teach a teeny tiny bit about Mexico! (I don't know where the accent marks are, either!) I originally signed up to do a "winter craft" with the girls and somehow that has ended up being Mexican Holidays, which incidentally are all Christian. I'm being extra careful, though, as one of the two Brownie leaders is actually Jewish. Hmmm.... anyway, hasta manana! (looks funny without that tilde!)

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kimsilver said...

You seem to definately remember more Spanish than I do. I took six years of it also.....tested out in college.....and I barely remember how to say "Yo me llamo, Kim." How sad.
You are right--manana without the tilda looks just like banana! :0)