Sunday, December 16, 2007

Post Party Pandemonium

Last night, our girls planned and executed (with a little help from mom!) a neighborhood party for some of our girlfriends. It really turned out quite fun, and one couple even went out to dinner and shopping for the evening! Kt planned a scavenger hunt, two crafts, a game, coloring, read a book and pretty much ran the show. Em helped everyone make their pizzas, ice their cupcakes, and gave lengthy descriptions of our three movie choices, of which the girls all chose Ice Age Meltdown. All in all, it was a fun evening and a good lesson in serving our neighbors.

After everyone had left and we cleaned up a bit, I sent the girls up to get ready for bed. About 15 minutes later, I went up to see how they were doing. It's amazing to me what can happen in a quarter of an hour when left unattended!! I found Em trying put a new pillow case on her pillow, and when I asked why she was doing that, she replied dejectedly, "Because Kt sprayed it with detangler." I looked at Kt and said, "WHY did you do that?" To which Kt replied, "Because Em threw wet cottonballs covered in toothpaste into my room!" I turned to Em (managing to keep a straight face!), "WHY did you do that?"

I'm sure you can guess - she does not know what possessed her to do such a ridiculous thing as to create a supersonic spitball, mint flavored! My girls are getting smarter, quieter, and much more dangerous the older they get. It's exhausting, but fortunately it's not without it's great, laughable moments. How boring life would be without the creative minds of children. (Don't worry - there were consequences!;-))


kimsilver said...

I was quite impressed with your little hostesses in training! It sounds to me like they will be expert party-givers in no time! Maybe they will even get their own show!! Martha Stewart watch out! :0)

As for the other activities that went on that evening.....that sounds more like what I deal with everyday with my children!! Except, if I went to go see what was going on, I would also find my kids in some sort of wrestling position. At least, your girls don't think headlocks are the answer to everything! :0)

deanna said...

LOL - yes, I was pondering what I might have found had I had boys. I imagine they are not as covert as my girls have become. You would have thought when I was heading up those stairs that they had put themselves to sleep. Instead, it was a navyseal type eeriness.... complete war zone!