Friday, December 07, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Well, I'm here. Not driving on treacherous roads, or enjoying a cold, New England Christmastime drive, but here at home while it sleets and freezes rain outside. I'm just glad that I didn't get to go based on something outside of my control rather than just not being able to pull it off myself. Em was a little upset this morning when I broke the news. She asked me slyly, "How about if we take all back roads to Connecticut??" I love her!

My mom called right after I loaded the girls on the school bus to tell me their weather had also changed. They are now expecting sleet and snow, so that about sealed the deal, even though I already knew I wasn't going. Driving around NYC is already bad on a Friday afternoon, but add in bad weather and you could be sitting on the road in that stuff for hours.

So, here I am. I made dinner for a new mom and dropped it off, put a dish of cookies from my cookie exchange last night together and dropped them off at school for those teachers, had a little lunch with Em to make up for not taking her on an adventure and now I'm home. It's very quiet, a little cold, and I'm just wondering what I can do to make better use of my time now that I'm not driving anywhere. It's kind of hard for me to switch gears sometimes. I think I might go do some laundry. Yay, how fun! hehe


Jackie said...

I am so bummed that this weather sticnks. Miss you!

deanna said...

I am totally bummed. I just keep thinking, "If I were in CT, I'd be...." I'm off to Kohl's on a Saturday before Christmas. If I were in CT I'd be in BED!!! I'm so irritated! And then I have to go to a Christmas party that I wasn't going to have to go to, that I spent $65 on wrapping paper and tape for so I could skip it, and now I have to go. I'm even more irritated!!!!!! Anyway, I hope you all have lots of fun. I will totally miss you!


Kathryn said...

I never knew you disliked social funny. I'm not big on them, either!