Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Makin' a List, Checkin' it Twice, (Thrice and even four times....)

OK, so it's not a list of what I want, it's a list of what I have to do....

Clean up girl's rooms CHECK
Christmas letters - signed, sealed, delivered (sort of) CHECK
Make fudge - CHECK
make dinner - CHECK (Kt made tuna for us!)
make Hershey kiss cookies CHECK (Kt and Em)
make Cherry Chocolate Chip cookies
make brownies CHECK - (Kt is making these - she's such a big help!)
make meatballs CHECK (I'm off the hook, so I don't even need to do this at all - Yay!)
make Cranberry Orange bread (SCRATCH)
go to bed CHECK
put together platters - for T's work and school CHECK
Set up for teacher cookie break CHECK
clean the rest of my house (this could take weeks!)
put together gifts for people at school
go to bed
go to work
go to bed
deliver Christmas gifts
get house ready for onslaught of relatives =)
get ready for Kt's birthday (Sunday!)
get ready for Christmas!!!!!!!!!

OK, so I have a way long way to go! I'm just happy I got the fudge made, even if it is the easiest thing on my list! ;-)

Merry Christmassing!

(Em has joined in the fun. Is it just me, or is my new phone not such as great a camera as my old one!?)

I also just received my last Christmas delivery, so I'm done (at least until I remember the one gift I forgot!)!!


A- Truckers- Wife said...

wow! that's quite a list you've got going on there. Good luck!! Hope everything runs smoothly for you. Merry Christmas!!!

deanna said...

It's always a lot at Christmas, and truthfully I'd rather have a list of good things to do than really awful things. I'm just glad I'm half way there, even with the birthday in there for good measure.;-)

Kathryn said...

Impressive! If I had to do all that, I would probably just fall to pieces. There's a whole lot of baking on that list. Knowing me, I'd end up going to BJ's or the market and buying goodies instead!

megan said...

here's my list...
1) START Christmas shopping Friday
2) Clean entire house for 3 consecutive nights of dinner paries
3) Figure out what I am going to feed all these people, go buy it, and cook it
4) Do Christmas cards and mail in the next 2 days

Basically, I'm sunk.

ps...can I just say that when we lived in the States, all my shopping was done by the end of November, and evertyhing was wrapped and under the tree the day we brought that baby back from Home Depot???

deanna said...

Oh, Megan, can you order pizza? and give gift cards??? We used to get our tree at Home Depot as well but I never have had all my shopping done by Thanksgiving - WOW!! I'm impressed!